It’s finally here.
The Department of Eye and Vision Science and the rest of the Institute of Ageing and Chronic disease have begun moving into their new home, the brand new, custom designed, Apex II building. Our labs have been boxed up and shifted across the road.

With the new building comes new working practices, dedicated rooms for tissue culture, histology, molecular biology, imaging, bacterial work, primary culture etc and shared communal lab space for everything else. It’s an exciting time for our staff and students who are sure to benefit from the improved equipment access and extra support they will receive by working directly alongside more experienced researchers doing the same technique. Plus we are now on the main campus (as opposed to being in a hospital) , much closer to core facilities such as the centre for cell imaging, proteomics, FACS and genomics facilities.

In case you haven’t worked this out yet, I am quite excited by this!

The old Hamill lab

When I first interviewed at the University of Liverpool in 2012 this move wasn’t on the horizon (I only became aware of it after I started) and therefore the decision to come here was based on the opportunity to do exciting science with good people. The space I got assigned was ample for my needs and although a bit tired in appearance, it was functional. This opportunity to now work our excellent new facilities is a real boost.ctxdnbxwcaaqxgl

The team packing (Vale B (left) and Vale I, Lee (blue), Tiago)

The new


Bench space in the communal lab

Break out lunch area, postdoc office.Screen shot 2015-11-17 at 5.39.38 PM

Student desks (modelled by Amy).

Unpacking the second half our lab space tomorrow (Wed), office stuff on Thurs and back to work Friday!

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