They grow up so fast – MRes 2015-16 project 3

July 2016 and its time for another cohort of students to present the data generated from the last 3 months in the lab. This time joining team Hamill were Katie Ryan and Madalina Carter-Timofte both of whom have had another productive 10 weeks generating some interesting (and some surprising data) in their respective projects.

Today I got to enjoy the proud (science) dad moment of watching them present their work to their peers and field some tricky questions from the staff and students in the institute.

First up, Katie (left) presented her work on a potential new anti-angiogenic treatment which included some of  visually striking live tube formation assays to wow the crowds! The data set is really solid so hopefully we will prepare the manuscript soon.

Maddy (right) delivered her complicated story of the regulation of LaNts and laminin expression. The tactically sound decision to use llamas to illustrate the quite complicated story in an accessible way worked really well. Maddy’s work has revealed some interesting findings and has spurred me on to prepare a new grant proposal using some of her data as the basis behind the hypotheses we will test.

Both Projects were run with Prof Colin Willoughby, while Lee Troughton and Umar Sharif helped enormously in the day to day aspects of each project.

Ir’s been a fun year with the MRes students with lots of new research avenues being explored in each of these mini projects. The end of project 3 means that I now need to start thinking about preparing for next year and the new opportunities it will bring.

2016-07-08 16.30.01

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