Meet the Scientists; Valentina promoting eye and vision research to the public

Last weekend Dr Valentina Barrera was at the World Museum in Liverpool as part of the regular “Meet the Scientists” run in conjunction with the University of Liverpool. Here she is in action, telling some kids about the structure and function of the eye and inspiring the next generation of scientists.


Over 200 people came to see her and other members of the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease in what was an excellent event.

If you are in Liverpool or are planning to come visit I thoroughly recommend going to the World Museum (in general) and specifically during the next Meet the Scientists events; they are all a bit different with different members of the UofL community involved but all are highly interactive, fun learning experiences.

Here are the upcoming events:

Brainiacs:21 January 2017

Experimental!: 18 March 2017

World of Wonder: 13 May 2017

Disease Detectives: 8 July 2017


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