Burns Night

Last night the Hamill team celebrated the life and works of Robert Burns with a night of food, poetry, song and dance with team members, partners, children and friends. It was a fantastic time with much hilarity, delicious food and drink. Many thanks to everyone for coming and for making it such a fun night.

Unfortunately I forgot to the get the camera out ’til later in the evening so missed Valentina’s address to the laddies, Lee’s address to the Lassies (including his primary school poetry!), the haggis (and related shock on many faces in finding out it is fantastic!). Trust me though they were all great!

Its long overdue that we had a team gathering; events like these really cement that I have assembled a fantastic team and am looking forward to a fun and productive times together.

What we were able to capture for posterity was MRes students Kareem, Tobi and Conor displaying a distinct lack of ability at beer pong and, in particular, Tobi’s inimitable technique!


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