New review article out; anti angiogenic applications for corneal neovascularization

Just a quick post to say our recent review article on “Gene based anti-angiogenic applications for corneal neovascularization” is now available; link to pubmed here

The first author for this article is Siyan (Shane) Liu who did a couple of MRes projects with my  and  Colin Willoughby groups a couple of years ago, and the basis of this article is one of the “short review” topics that he was assigned during the year.

The resultant article is worth a read if you want a good overview of anti angiogenic approaches especially if you are new to the field. Co authors Vito, Bernie and Profs Kaye and Willoughby have ensured its all clinically relevant with some lovely eye images.

Presentation2You can read about Shane’s lab work in my posts from

They grow up so fast: MRes Spring 2016 edition, They grow up so fast – MRes Jan’16 edition

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