Sunscreen study in the skiing press

With ski season upon us, another bunch of articles have come out about our little sunscreen study (links to articles at bottom of the page). Regular readers of the blog will likely be fed up hearing about the sunscreen challenge. However, if you missed them and want to see some of the earlier blog posts about the sunscreen work you can find them here, here, and here

These new set of articles link to the primary data journal article rather than the conference abstract, which is better for boosting our alt metrics!

It looks like there might be another TV spot coming up soon too (filming this week) and a follow up research article in the works. Watch this space.

Most people miss their eyelid regions when applying sunscreen.

If you are new to this site, the Hamill lab is  a molecular/cell biology research lab working on dissecting the mechanisms behind a variety of (often laminin-related) biological activities in normal tissues and disease states. We also try to identify new therapeutic options based on the understanding these studies gain.

This sunscreen behavioural science work is a little side project that we’ve been doing in collaboration with our clinical, computer science and biostats colleagues and it keeps on growing!

It’s been surprising that this small study got so much traction in the popular press! Maybe one day one of our laminin stories will get noticed too!

New articles 

Trail magazine

Serious Readers

Where to ski and snowboard

Furthermore from Equinox the phrasing of this one implies that I recommend specific brands of sunglasses. While I do believe that those glasses are likely to be good, I cannot say that these are any better than others and I do not endorse any specific brand!


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