Filming the sunscreen study with the BBC

A few pics from our shoot with the BBC and a #VictoriusSecret (@secretsnetball) netball team this week. Don’t want to say too much about the show itself just yet, but it involved using our UV camera again and sunscreen habits.

Interested in what all this sunscreen stuff is about? There are a bunch of blog posts from last summer when our paper came out; Paper description, one from our museum events, and when we filmed with ITV. I’ve also written a page on the key findings and a how to guide.

Not sure when it is scheduled to air but will post here when we find out. For now, here are Lizzy, Conro, Austin and the netball ladies in action…

Photo 23-01-2018, 19 37 40Photo 23-01-2018, 19 47 12Photo 23-01-2018, 19 48 29Photo 23-01-2018, 19 50 54Photo 23-01-2018, 20 54 42Photo 23-01-2018, 21 14 11Photo 23-01-2018, 21 33 39 (1)

Comments appreciated…

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