New content added – introduction to LaNts

Ever wondered why the blog (and lab twitter account) is called LaNtsandlaminins? Probably not! However, as part of my drive to include a greater amount of useful, accessible information about the stuff we work on, the stuff we are excited about, and the things that I almost certainly will have tried to talk to you about in the pub, I have put another page on this site – via this link.

Don't ask the boss to talk about laminins
…and with that, the rest of the day disappeared

Again, I am aiming for “understandable to the non-specialist” version, so comments about what does/doesn’t work would be appreciated. I’d also like to know what is and isn’t interesting to the more casual reader (this is all interesting to me!), or things that would be good to expand further upon.

Also, as usual, I am currently also wondering how I can turn this into an animation! Suggestions welcome!



Don’t fancy LaNts (boo), you might like our laminin page or cancer splicing switch instead!

Enjoy (hopefully).



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