They grow up so fast – Maddie, Jess and Caitlin project talks

Welcome to the family!

Today the final year undergrad students who had been completing their project in the Hamill lab gave their project talks. Maddie, Caitlin and Jess all worked on our laminins in cancer project. They worked really hard evaluating  data from hundreds of patients with HNSCC, coming up with a scoring system and then using it to examine correlation between LaNt and laminin staining distribution and disease stage. Not easy, but they all learned a lot about histology, tumour biology and, of course basement membranes and they really helped to push the project forward.

It was great having them in the lab and seeing them put the whole story together again in talk format today. Unfortunately, my “action” shots are more “actiony” than I wanted i.e. blurry…. so much for trying to be candid. However, I still want to formally thank the girls for all their work and congratulate them on three excellent presentations.



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