They grow up so fast – Olivia’s MRes poster

Another year begins and another student gets a chance to share their work. Today, Olivia (Bov) Kingston presented a poster of the work she did last semester, as part of her MRes in Clinical Sciences.

Here she is posing for the obligatory pic (note that she didn’t let me take this one as she is still upset at the poor quality of the previous one… ).

In all seriousness, it’s always a proud moment seeing everything come together at one of these sessions.

Olivia generated a load of new and interesting data, much more than you would expect from a 10 week project, which speaks volumes for the hard work, care and focus that she had. It’s been great fun having her as part of the team (and we’re hoping for a return later in the year once she sees the light and returns to the world of laminin research).

I’m still trying to get her to write a post about her experiences here, so watch this space!


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