An introduction to Bov.

Aloha! The names Olivia, aka Bov (I didn’t choose this name, nor am I happy about it!) and recently I had the exciting opportunity to work along-side the cartoon characters you all know and love in the Hamill lab. I am currently studying for an MRes in Clinical Sciences at Liverpool University and hope to go on to study a PhD!!! 😀

I was born in Liverpool so am naturally a Scouser, rarely found in Kevin’s lab (Liam and Lee don’t count because they’re wools), but before joining Liverpool University, I studied my undergraduate degree at Newcastle University where I graduated in July 2017 with a BSc in Physiological Sciences. In Newcastle, I was introduced to the world of research through a 12-week research project on colour constancy and chromatic discrimination working with Prof. Anya Hurlbert, making me realise just how enjoyable research could be.  

Following about a year-long break from academia, working and trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, I realised that I missed research so made the decision to embark upon this MRes – so far, I do not regret it for 1 second! My first project, which I have just completed, was working in the Hamill lab on the extracellular matrix-mediated effects of LaNt a31 on corneal epithelial cells. Specifically, investigating the impact LaNt a31 has on cell adhesion, cell migration and laminin deposition (see poster here~~). I can’t explain just how interesting and rewarding I have found working on this project, learning about just how complex matrix biology research is and how much of a clinical impact the research done in the Hamill lab could have on people in the future. I am so, so proud to have had a small part in it these past 12 weeks.

I’m excited to begin my next project and potentially make a trip back to the Hamill lab for project 3~~ so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading and thanks so much to Kevin for pushing me to be a better scientist and giving me the confidence to pursue a career in scientific research.

Bov (aka Olivia).

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