Intriguing times ahead…

Just a little teaser… Today we started the filming for our new set of online materials to support experimental design teaching.

Rachel getting prepped in the tissue culture suite

In the last couple of years, I have been trying to make improvements to the way that the fundamental lab skills are taught to our postgraduate students and this stage is the next big step.

Earlier on this year, I was awarded a little prize, a “Learning and Teaching Fellowship” that came with a small budget that we are using to generate an interactive teaching environment for students to work through at their own pace.

Conro on take 13

Today’s filming involved getting various postdocs and students to record little pieces about their work that we will use as examples to reinforce specific teaching points.

It’s good fun doing this. I have high hopes that we will generate a useful resource for the next generation of scientist trainees.

Check 1, 2… Steph getting mic’ed up

There’s more to come. There are also rumours that the cartoon characters are being improved and then animated. Watch this space.

Receiving my teaching fellowship
“Are you sure you need me looking smug?”

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