GOL – Hold it

Still on throwbacks as I don't want spoilers... see last week and the rest here

They grow up so fast – NWCR symposium

Surely Lee is fully grown? Well yes, but that doesn't mean he gets to escape the obligatory proud PI post. Today was the North West Cancer Research annual symposium in Liverpool and Lee was presenting a little bit of his NWCR funded research. His presentation involved a poster and a 1 min teaser talk. Rather... Continue Reading →

GOL – Shame

Still continuing with the #gameoflaminins throwbacks! This is #7. Did you miss any? last week is available here

GOL – Wise words

GOL continues with throwbacks. This one felt appropriate as Olivia has just returned to the lab and we met to plan her project. Missed previous GOLs? No worries, here you go

GOL – or you…

Game of laminins #6, and we're getting into the serious stuff. Confused? It might help if you know a bit about laminins (here's a friendly intro). Can't be bothered with that? Try GOL #5

GOL – Bioch

Seems like a fair comeback. This is part of our GOL throwback series, reach #4 here and check back soon for #5

GOL – Heavy burden

Getting excited for the start of the new season? Well you might like the rest of the GOL throwback series. This is #4, check out #3 here More very soon!

They grow up so fast – Meng presenting his MRes work

Today Meng-Chen Tsai presented the work from his Masters in Research project in our lab this semester. Meng's work has focused on a brand new story in the lab - activation of transcription of different genes using short-activating RNAs. It's pretty complicate, but in essence we hope to develop a tool (potential therapy) to switch... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – BSMB 2019

Liam deep in conversationLee with his usual ambivalence at being photographedA very proud Conro in his presenting SchmooOlivia (the only pic she was happy to display publically) This week the British Society of Matrix Biology (BSMB) and Matrix Biology Ireland (MBI) held their spring meeting in Liverpool. There was a solid showing from my team... Continue Reading →

GOL – Common knowledge

Game of laminins in honour of the #BSMBLpool and the opening to every #laminin talk / paper / poster!

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