Quiz – Match the headline…

to the news source

How good are you at writing for your audience? All the news sources do it everyday and they each need a different headline to get the clicks from their specific target demographic. This week our moisturiser vs sunscreen story got some press attention. Can you match the headline to the news source that carried it?

Which news source had this headline: “You Missed A Spot! Patchy Sunscreen Application Leaves Skin Vulnerable To Cancer
Yes, read it here
The Sun
Which news source had this headline: “Sun Cream More Effective Than SPF Moisturiser On Face, Study Suggests Cos your peepers need protecting”
Huffington Post
Yup, link here
Daily Mail
Dundee Courier
Which news source had this headline: Missing eyelids when applying SPF moisturisers may increase cancer risk – study
Sky News
Yes, link here
Liverpool Echo
Fox News
Pick the headline from Reuters?
Study: You’re probably putting sunscreen on wrong
Yes, here.
Why Moisturizers with SPF Don’t Work As Well As Sunscreen
Nope, this was Discover
Moisturizer With Sunscreen? Get Around Your Eyes
No, WebMD
Who published “SK-IN DANGER UV photos show moisturiser with SPF could put you ‘at risk of skin cancer'”
The Sun
Yes, they are a terrible “news”paper but hey still carried the story.
Chicago Tribune
Fox News
Match the headline to the news source: “The body part we often forget to slip, slop and slap in summer”
Newshub (New Zealand)
slap it on, here
Sydney Morning Herald
plausible, but no
Papua New Guinea Daily News
And finally… my favourite. Who led with “People are Terrible at Applying Sunscreen to the Spots That Might Matter Most”
Yup, NOVA were pretty definitive, here
USA today
Nope, USA today here
Nope, much more controlled as you’d expect. here

Want to see all the coverage (not sure why you would!). Here’s what we’ve been told about:

Daily Mail, SKY News, CBS News, Woman and Home, Yahoo News, Huffington Post, Independent, Ahmed Post, CNN, Sun, USA Today, Forbes, Yahoo Style, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC News online, BBC 2 Wales – News at Nine (in Top Five most read news stories) and InStyle)

Study mentioned on news bulletins of US local radio stations, including; WBBM Radio Chicago, News Radio 610 WIOD Florida, WOAI-AM San Antonio, WTMJ-AM Milwaukee, WDEL 101.7 Philadelphia, KGMI News/Talk 790 Seattle, NewsRadio 680 WPTF North Carolina, WUTQ News New York, KCBS-AM San Francisco,  KXNT NewsRadio 840 Las Vegas, KDKA-AM Pittsburgh, WWJ-AM Detroit, KNX-AM Los Angeles, Delaware 105.9, KRLD-AM Dallas, KMOX-AM St. Louis, KIRO-AM Seattle, WCBS-NY New York, 99.1 FM Talk Reno, KOGO-AM San Diego, KFBK-AM Sacramento and KOA-AM Denver

Also mentioned on news programmes on local US TV stations, including; Fox 8 News, KCTV-KC (CBS) Kansas City, KMGH-DEN (ABC) Denver, WGHP (FOX) North Carolina, Newfoundland TV (Canada), WISC (CBS) – Madison, Wisconsin, WFMY (CBS) – Greensboro, NC, KHOU-HOU (CBS) – Houston, TX, WGNO-NO (ABC) – New Orleans, LA, WCPO-CIN (ABC) – Cincinnati, OH and WHNS (FOX) – Greenville, SC

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