Inspiring young minds – NWCR research symposium

A couple of weeks ago we had our annual North West Cancer Research Symposium which brought together cancer researchers across Universities of Liverpool, Lancaster and Bangor and was a really stimulating showcase of the great work going on locally.

Jodie talking about life as a cancer researcher

One of the things that makes this mini-conference stand out is that the organisers bring in additional things to round the programme. This year included cancer survivors, historians and psychologists that I wrote about previously. However, we also entertained a couple of school groups both at the symposium and in activities in our labs.

The students listening to talks at the symposium

Today I received some of the pictures from those activities as well as the feedback from the students and I thought I would share them. These events are actually really good fun and rewarding to be involved with. The students clearly leave with a fuller appreciation of what it means to be a scientist, and a lot of what we talked about reinforces and expands upon what they have learned in school.

And over here we have another awesome microscope

My role was to try and wow the students with some pretty cool microscopy approaches. I did it by telling the story of how a discovery science project might go from histology, to cell biology type assays (scratch and angiogenesis movies) and onward to indirect immunofluorescence and live imaging of fluorescently tagged proteins. Basically, talking about things that I enjoy doing. Always a good time.

Watching cells crawl (paxillin GFP)

The students were asked to provide three words of feedback, here’s what came up:

Interesting 13 Amazing Reassuring Nice Food
Informative 14 Cool Eye Opening 4 Inclusive
Enjoyable 3 Fantastic Insightful 5 Excellent
Friendly 2 Accessible Delightful Enjoyable 2
Overwhelming 1 Thought provoking    


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