Life in the Lab: Chapter 8 release

Today’s update adds chapter 8, which works through the manuscript editing process. It details how to change structure, balance and word choice to improve readability and impact. This update also brings the book to 290+ pages and means the entire book now takes the reader from before they pick a project, all the way through to hitting submit on their first manuscript. It is almost finished. We’re at the stage where everything else still to come is just a bonus!

Get your copy here: Life in the Lab.

“Perfect for anyone about to embark on a PhD/Masters or otherwise starting a research project.” Anon.

If you have already downloaded the book, you can return to the site and download the update for free. This update took longer than the others, because, in addition to the extra chapter, I have corrected and edited quite a few other sections. A lot of the annoying small mistakes are now removed, so it definitely is worth updating your records.

The next update will add talks and poster presentations advice (you can get a feel for that from the poster prep page here).

Chapter 9 Coming soon!
My writing buddy and chief editor

Get your copy here: Life in the Lab.

“The book I wish I had before I started.” Dr Lee Troughton.

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