New Paper Out – Risk factors for corneal epithelial wound healing: Can sex play a role?

Nice little collaborative paper out in the European Journal of Ophthalmology, authored by Giulia Coco – Risk factors for corneal epithelial wound healing: Can sex play a role? *

The simple answer to that question, is yes. Obviously, the more convoluted answer has a lot of caveats with the biggest being that correlation does not imply causation. However, in the study cohort, the female patients had longer recovery times for their corneal wounds than their male counterpart.


This sort of information can be valuable rapidly, as care and management of these patients can be tailored to their risk factors. On the longer term, modifying interventional approaches may become desirable.

You can read the paper for free via the button above.

*before anyone comments…. I do not like questions are titles! In this situation, the study was observational and quite small scale, therefore, the better title options all felt too strong relative to the conclusions. I recommend declarative titles wherever your data can support one [titles guide]

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