St Paul’s Eye Unit and DEVS awarded freedom of the city

Last week (16-18th March 2015) St. Paul’s Eye Unit was admitted to the Freedom Roll of Associations and Institutions of The City of Liverpool in recognition of its service to the city (and country) since being established in 1871.

To celebrate this momentous occasion a number of events were arranged involving both the clinical side (St Paul’s) and the academic side (University of Liverpool, Department of Eye and Vision Science- DEVS).

This included a one day symposium ( @LivOpthSci) which also marked the retirement of Prof Ian Grierson, the first head of DEVS and included talks from his friends, former students and collaborators including Professor Elke Lütjen-Drecoll  Erlanged-Nurnberg, Professor Norbert Pfeiffer, Mainz, Professor Peter Wiedemann, Leipzig, Professor John Greenwood and Professor Sir Peng Khaw UCL as well as Profs Harding, Willoughby and Grierson from UofL. It was an excellent day.

On Wed 18th DEVS also ran an impact event #EyesRevealed to coincide with the public ceremony. See images in better quality via link below.  Dr Victoria Kearns and a team of scientists from DEVS put on demonstrations of eye dissection, materials research cell/molecular biology as well as vision research which was attended and enjoyed first by the general public and then by the invited guests. As always, fun time explaining our science

EyesRevealed images 1 page

EyesRevealed images 1 page

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