They grow up so fast – MRes Jan’16 edition

It’s been a busy and fun few months for the Hamill lab in terms of MRes projects…. Here are some photos from their poster day today. Side by side looking at the diverse projects they pursued and the data they generated makes me realise just how much got done in the 10 weeks they were with us at the end of last year… Congratulations to all our students on some really impressive work.

Shane Liu has been busy with explants and tissue staining while investigating LaNt roles in corneal wound repair/limbal stem cell activation.

2016-01-15 15.21.29

With cell culture and qRT-PCR validation of her in silico studies, Aya Adam has been investigating regulation of LAMA3 transcript production/stability.

2016-01-15 15.20.04

Maddy Timofte-Carter working primarily with Dr Valentina Barrera and people in the Liverpool School of Tropical medicine has been investigating malarial parasite interaction/effects on endothelial cells2016-01-15 15.22.19

And Farhannah Basheer (this is the best photo I got!) has been working with Valentina and LSTM to establish and characterise a blood-retina-barrier model.2016-01-15 15.23.30

Not pictured here but also a well done to Katie Ryan working primarily with Victoria Kearns for her BRB work.

Fun times for us and can’t have been too bad for the students either as Shane and Farhannah are coming back for more Hamill lab fun starting next week.


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