Publish or perish?

I am approaching the three year anniversary of taking up my position as a lecturer at Liverpool and with each passing week the pressure to publish grows more and more.

The current manuscript is taking shape nicely and all being well it will be out for review by the end of the month. The story is tight and interesting and something that the team and I will be proud of but I would prefer to wait and take it from good to great. So would my department, my institute and my University of course.

However, there are other pressures from the otherside. My confirmation of appointment (kinda like tenure) meeting is rapidly approaching and for that there needs to be some direct output from Liverpool. 

So, the decision is out of my hands; we can’t wait.

 This is causing some increased stress levels and frustration as I know that at every departmental and institute meeting I will hear about the drive for 3* and 4* papers. 

However, this artificial deadline has some benefit; it is focusing our efforts, it’ll lay the base for the next few papers and set us up for the next big grant (hopefully). 

Most importantly, it will allow us to share our interesting findings about the LaNts and their role in regulating cell responses to laminins.

So keep your eye out for Iorio et al appearing somewhere on pubmed soon! 

If not, does anyone have a job available?

location 8 live merge only montage

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