They grow up so fast – BSMB 2016 edition

The last couple of days has been filled with fun and great science at the British Society of Matrix Biology meeting in Chester.

Team Hamill members Valentina Iorio and Lee Troughton presented posters of their work that together make up a manuscript that is currently out for review.


There was also a sizeable showing from other University of Liverpool, mostly IACD scientists with Simon Tew, Mandy Peffers on the organising committee , Liz Laird, Blandine Poullet, Takao Sakai , Ben Dermott and Ian Li presenting talks and a number of others with posters. Made for a sizeable showing and the first really clear indication of the critical mass of matrix scientists that we now have in IACD.

It was also a fun time and good break for team Hamill (and affiliate, Karen Lester!)



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