Sunscreen Challenge at the World Museum

On Saturday the University of Liverpool ran another “Meet the Scientists” events at the World Museum in Liverpool. These days are massive fun; 700+ adults and children (5-12 ish) year olds get to experience a whole range of cool interactive science based exhibits. For this one, we tied our sunscreen application (UV imaging) event to the stand run by North West Cancer Research stand which included a microscope to view ocular melanoma histology slides with Prof Sarah Coupland and making DNA bracelets. Attaching the public health message of sun protection to the cancer outcomes worked really well.

This was the second time we have run the sunscreen challenge event, last time was way more hectic but we refined the set up and this time it ran really smoothly all day. Kids and adults all enjoyed seeing the cool pics and the message of the importance of appropriate sunscreen application was well received.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are also getting much better at taking the pics and getting the lighting and camera rigs set up. Above is a slideshow of a few of our favourites from Sat. We also had enough time at the end to grab a few pics of the team (below) including our attempt at a UV homage to Bohemian Rhapsody.


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