They grow up so fast – Graduation edition 2019

IACD PhD and MPhil graduates 2019

Today was the graduation for PhD and MPhl students in the faculty of health and life sciences at University of Liverpool.

Usually for PhD students, the big celebration comes after the viva, but today everyone who completed their studies in the last six months had the chance to be recognised again together. It’s a long journey to obtaining a PhD and having this opportunity to celebrate with family, friends, fellow students and the faculty is really great way to cap it all off.

Eva, Harry, Alys and Lee : Department of Eye and Vision Science

From my side, it’s another chance to be proud about the achievements of my students. In this case Lee Troughton. Nope, too quick on the trigger there, Dr Lee David Troughton PhD.

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you have heard a lot about Lee. He’s been part of the team from near the beginning so there is plenty of material (PhD, publishing papers, being acknowledged by funders BSF, at conferences ASMB, IID, NWCR, BSMB, ISER, and also fundraising, teaching and lots of public outreach, not to mention all the cartoons).

Today, he can add one more experience to the list of accomplishments. He has finally learned the correct pose for photos:

the only way to be photographed successfully

Seriously, kudos to all. Completing a high degree is a journey, it takes effort and commitment and we are all proud of you. Hats off.

Finally, as a faculty member, I too got to be involved in the proceedings. This meant a chance to wear my University robes (#Dundee) and the surprise bonus of a truly excellent hat!


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