Liam vs Conro; the lab challenge round 1

Liam and Conro started their PhD studies in the Hamill lab in October, Liam on a BBSRC DTP and Conro supported by the IACD managed Crossley Barnes endowment. Unsurprisingly, both are working on laminin related projects but asking different questions in different contexts. Additionally , and also unsurprisingly, there is a bit of competition between them so it seemed only appropriate that we would welcome them to the lab with a series of games with the two guys being team captain in every game but with different other lab mates to support them.

First up; a lllama themed game! A mixture of charades, articulate and Pair matching game. Great fun. Conro’s team, despite some amazing acting by JohnJohn (in video he is acting out Nicolas Cage falling off a stage), lost comprehensively. Some might think a key example of how his team was let down was lee struggling to guess otter from a description of the “best animal that holds hands as it floats away” but really it was that Liam had the advantage of having Karen and myself in his team.

Next, a super quick game of beer pong while waiting for a taxi. how this game went is summed up by the video above… Liam , lee and JohnJohn were off their game and conro ultimately won easily. 2 games down , score 1 – 1.

Next, a couple of games of pool. Both captains won one each principally driven by whichever team had lee on it! 2 – 2

And then, the main event; Shuffleboard. On the sandiest table I’ve ever played on. Here you could tell that the presssure was beginning to get to the boys as stones were flying off in all directions. However, as a team game, Liam streaked into an early lead only for conro to pull it back so it was close going into the final ends.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Conro took the win and the championship (or at least round 1!) with the shot below… what a way to win. At this point I would mention the staff vs students game but I don’t feel that it is necessary to point out how much better Valentina Karen and I were…

All in all. Awesome fun, I’ve assembled a great team. It’s been awhile since we’ve been out together but I’m really glad this somewhat spontaneous night was arranged. Many thanks to all involved.

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