They grow up so fast – JohnJohn’s 1st year talk

Today JohnJohn Knox had his end of 1st year of PhD talk (upgrade seminar). JohnJohnJohn is working on trying to develop a new molecular therapeutic for glaucoma on a project sponsored by UK charity Fight for Sight. He has three supervisors; Colin Willoughby, George Bou Gharios and myself and while Colin is the real driver behind this project (it is his grand plan), George and I contribute our expertise to guidance. and are likely to take a bigger role as he enters the next phase of his project.

JohnJohnJohnJohn did really well in his talk, presenting to a packed seminar room with most of the faculty from IACD in attendance. He did particularly well in dealing with some tricky questions in a really confident and effective way. He got some nice comments and suggestions for future work too so should be off designing new experiments as I write this!

There is some cool stuff coming here so expect more news about JohnJohnJohnJohnJohn’s progress in the near future.


JohnJohn adopting the “intense stare at supervisor” approach to presentation giving


If anyone is wondering where they have seen JohnJohn before… he was the face of the sunscreen trial! Famous throughout the land after featuring in most major newspapers and on ITV!

Pratt Figure 1c



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