They grow up fast – Lee at IID2018

This week we are in Orlando at the International Investigative Dermatology meeting. This once every 5 year event brings together the American European and Japanese societies of skin researchers. It’s a big and, quite genuinely, excellent conference.

Lee’s work on our squamous cell carcinoma associated splicing switch was selected from the 1000s of abstracts to give a talk. By far the biggest and most nerve wracking presentation he’s given but he really nailed it.

Importantly, after the talk, we had a lot of interest about this story from experts in the field. This is really the goal of this type of conference, by presenting here we have picked up some really good ideas for how to push our work forward, met new people to work with and improved access to samples.

Today lee will present his work again in poster format so anyone who didn’t get a chance to speak to him at the talk can have a longer chat.

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