Superhero sunscreen?

Today Conro, Danielle and I were at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry as part of “Superhero scientists” at the Manchester science week. These public engagement events are a great way to start the conversation about science (and how cool it is) to kids. They’re tiring but a fun time for all involved. About 1000 kids and parents passed through the event and we took loads of pretty cool UV photos and talked about UV radiation and DNA damage.

Conro was also particularly pleased to get a chance to wear a cape.

Danielle lighting up the room in her “Sunscreen Challenge” T shirt. Yes, we have merch!

Danielle was worried that the Mancunians would find it hard to understand the message due to the locals never seeing the sun. However, it turned out that she needn’t have worried; they could remember the times they had visited Liverpool (true story; it rains 246 days per year in Manchester, 100 more than Liverpool despite being only about than 40 miles apart- weather L’pool, weather Manc).

Seriously though, despite it being late-October the sun-protection and skin-health message still had value, and the kids enjoyed interacting with us and the other superhero-themed stands from UoL (pics below)

Conro and Daniele in action

Some quick pics from today:

UV blacklight photoIMG_0134


Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 21.27.26
Don’t worry Conro, we’ll get you a cape one day!


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