Charity bike ride

Possibly foolish. I'm riding in the Liverpool to Chester cycle and raising money for the St Paul's Research Foundation Trust at NHS Royal Liverpool Hospital. Sounds like a nice time, except I foolishly will be using my fixed-gear bike and, equally foolishly, my old, tired body complete with dodgy knees and larger than strictly necessary belly. Foolish. Support and sponsorship appreciated!

Achievement unlocked – 1/2 marathon completed

Final update on my half-marathon fundraising for North West Cancer Research

Fundraising: half marathon for NWCR

(TLDR: go to my "just giving" page here!) At the end of last year I made a decision that I am currently questioning. After too many years of relative inactivity, and steadily getting more and more unfit (also known as fat), I decided that something must be done. Running in my 30s had some more... Continue Reading →

Spooky science (public engagement)

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by dissecting eyes with school kids? Spooky? Not really. Informative, enjoyable and rewarding for sure. Big shout out for the team and especially all the staff and students doing their first engagement event. It was a highly successful event and well worth the effort.

Superhero sunscreen?

Today Conro, Danielle and I were at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry as part of "Superhero scientists" at the Manchester science week. These public engagement events are a great way to start the conversation about science (and how cool it is) to kids. They're tiring but a fun time for all involved. About 1000... Continue Reading →

Life in the lab – in it for the fame?

Outreach and dissemination is a key part of doing research. Indeed, our work is funded indirectly via the tax payer or charitable donation and therefore we should be reporting not only academia but also to our other stakeholders. Want to know about some of our outreach activities? Museum events, hospital, again, and of course filming for... Continue Reading →

Chopping up eyes and saving lives: Science Week in Sedgefield!

Last week was National Science week and schools around the country were doing things a little differently. Showing kids the “cool” side of science and what potential careers a degree in science can lead to. My mate/father of my Goddaughter/the groom to my "best man wedding service", Mr Ridgeway asked me back in October if I... Continue Reading →

Inspiring the next generation of scientists with hands-on-activities and lab tours

How would a 10-year old (year 6) school child describe their experience in a science-based workshop at the University of Liverpool? Would they be more or less interested in science and in becoming a scientist after the visit? “Inspiring, educational, awesome, factual, exhilarating, incredible, epic, fab….” “It was like science heaven!” These are some of the... Continue Reading →

SciArt review process

If Art was subject to peer-review.... Preparation The Review Process Any likeness to people at my institution is purely coincidental 😉 Who have I missed? Comment box below Like this? It's part of a series of cartoons we are producing, you can sign up for alerts via the email box or see the previous cartoons... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Sci-Art to Inspire the Next Generation

Science-based works of Art (#sciart) created yesterday at the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease by year-6 children (10-11yrs old) from Liverpool primary schools will be  on display at Royal Liverpool University Hospital foyer on Fri the 26th Jan (11am-5pm)! If you are around, come along and support #scicomm Message from Valentina Barrera and the... Continue Reading →

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