50,000 views: LaNts and Laminins hitting the milestones


This week our little lab blog hit a milestone: 50,000 total views. I know this isn’t a lot compared with the big science or writing blogs, but it’s more than we ever expected! This post is a thank you to everyone who has ever dropped by and especially to the “regulars” who have signed up for email notifications or follow on WordPress, or just check in each week to see the latest cartoon.

Near the bottom of this post is a poll for your input on what we should do next

I’d also like to share a few of the stats.

Where have our visitors come from?

Everywhere! Seriously, 160 countries worldwide. It is incredible really.

heat map of all time views
Top 10

 Wondering about Trinidad and Tobago making it into the top 10? Well so was I! Turns out, most of those views came in one week when (I think) a lecturer at one their Universities referreda class of students to the series of quizzes!

What did people look at?

About 1/3 of the views are on the writing guides and 1/3 on the cartoons.

If anyone has ideas on how to get the cartoon people to check out the guides and vice versa then 100K would be just around the corner!

If anyone has come here and doesn’t know what a “LaNt” or a “Laminin” is then it’s time for you to check out some of our sci come (simple intros to LaNts here, laminins here) There is even a video intro to laminins here

Top performers (excluding landing pages)

Want to know what you are missing? Well these are the most popular pages so far.

Downloadable template for research paper writing (writing guide)

Discussions (writing guide)

Introductions (writing guide)

SciArt review process (cartoon)

Top Sci Com – Can you replace sunscreen with moisturiser?

Top Quiz – Working in the lab

Top Lab news – How do you study?

How do people find us?

This year we have made a bit more of a concerted effort to push the website through a variety of channels. So, what has worked? Here are the top 4 referrals. Numbers are numbers of visitors and not number of views.

  • Twitter                   5850
  • Facebook               5528
  • Reddit                    2502
  • Google searches  1999

Other interesting referrals that have come directly from teaching materials within higher ed institutions including:

  • Liverpool University (student modules)
  • American University (student modules)
  • University of Central Florida (webcourses)
  • University of Saskatchewan

Again, advice about boosting referrals would be appreciated!

Underappreciated toons

Because I have now looked at the view counts in more detail, I know which ‘toons have “worked” and which haven’t connected. Part of the lack of connection could be due to how we tried to promote them… so here are a few that you probably missed:

Serial references


Colour blind

No Jokes

Multidisciplinary Troubles

If you like any of these, please share widely! You can also check out the collections pages above.

What’s next?

That’s the big question. The cartoons will continue as long as we have material (and with JohnJohn, Conro, Liam, Leeburt and Thanos in the team there seems to be plenty for the next wee while at least!).

But what else?

Well… watch this space for the book, the merch, and the game all coming soon(ish).

Other ideas? Feedback below please!

Not available in shops…yet!
I guess you’d have to be a mug to want one of these


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