LaNts and Leeburt in the BSF newsletter

The British Skin Foundation funded Lee’s PhD project. The image above comes from their recent newsletter, where they mention some of his findings.

The BSF are a really great charity, they fund truly transformational science focused on the understanding and treatment of skin disease. They are able to support work like ours because people working really hard in fundraising efforts. We couldn’t do the work we do without their support and it is particularly rewarding when we can tell our funders and supporters about the progress we have made.

Lee’s project is a good example of the money going a long way. Thanks to BSF supporting his PhD, we have learned a lot of new things and are trying to convert those findings into approaches to help treat disease. But, it’s not just the findings they support. The BSF grant was one of my first grants as an independent researcher and on the back of the research supported by it, we’ve also been successful with other grants , the return on investment for the charity is growing.

If you would like to read more about our work on this project and the things that have stemmed from it, we have a few pages devoted to explaining our research in accessible ways. Links below:

Learn about basement membranes, the structures that hold your skin (and other tissues) together, here.

Learn about laminins, a family of proteins that are integral to basement membrane function, here

Learn about LaNts, a “new” family of laminin-related proteins, that Lee’s work indicate are players in skin cancer and wound repair, here

You can also read about some of Lee’s fundraising efforts for BSF: here, and here


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