Help needed!

Can I ask a favour? I’d like your opinion. I’ve been putting together a book recently that contains the advice and info that I would want anyone starting a research project to have. However, what should the title be? (Poll/suggestions below)

Some quick info. I see the target markets as undergraduate students starting their final year research project, and anyone about to start a masters or PhD (or supervisors buying the book for their students). The content is pretty general with respect to discipline but the examples broadly fit into the life / biological / medical sciences and there is a greater emphasis on quantitative studies rather than qualitative.

Cats love it

I’ve tried to make the writing as accessible and quick-to-read while still delivering the important info. If you are a regular reader of this blog then it won’t surprise you to hear that part of the strategy is to incorporate cartoons to help illustrate specific points, to break up the text and to make everything just a bit less heavy and dull (and to give it a unique selling point).

Current contents page below:

Table of contents, but what should it be called?

I have put four options in the poll below that I have been toying with. In each case a tag line will be added to identify the content “experimental design, data analysis, and writing the perfect paper” or something similar. Comments or other suggestions welcomed! Below the poll are some competitors for comparison.


In terms of writing progress, everything is drafted and I am now in the editing stage. If you are keen / willing to read anything let me know and I will send you a chapter! Once the title is decided, then cover design can begin.

If you want to be updated on progress and read sample chapters (coming soon) then keep an eye on the blog. There should be a subscribe button somewhere!

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