Life in the Lab – Chapter 7 release + sample content

Life in the Lab v0.7 release

Just a quick announcement to say that Chapter 7 of Life in the Lab has now been uploaded and is available to download here.

The new chapter adds sections on each of the different elements of a primary data paper; title, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion. This content started life as my lecture notes from a PhD writing week, then became blog pages in Jan last year, which have been accessed tens of thousands of times. The versions in the book have been updated, corrected, tightened and generally improved quite a lot since then (examples below)

Wondering what else is in the book? Well “Life in the Lab” is my attempt to make a single guide book with advice and guidance for any the new PhD, Masters or undergraduate scientist as they start in the lab. The version available today is not quite complete, but if you want a bargain, you can pick it up now and update your version later for no additional charge.

If people you know/teach might benefit from this book, give it a shout out below:

Life in the Lab, the essential guidebook for new scientists.

Chapters 8 and 9

Next on the agenda is Chapter 8 which is all about editing for increased impact, then it will be on to talks and posters. If you download the current version of the book and use Chapter 7 to draft a manuscript now, chapter 8 will be available by the time you have finished. Follow the blog and you’ll get updated when they are ready.

New sample content

A starting point framework for writing discussions

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