50 mile charity bike ride complete

Today, myself, a team from St Paul’s Eye Unit of the Dept of Eye and Vision Science + several thousand other cyclists rode from Liverpool to Chester then back again (~80 km/50 mile round trip). For many of us (myself included).

This was not only first time doing this ride, but also the furthest I’ve ever ridden (as you can see from the individual out and back strava records below). I’m feeling tired but accomplished just now.

For those of you thinking that 38.22 km + 38.50 km does not equal 90. You are correct. On the way out, my watch reset in the tunnel and on the way back the tunnel was shut for a medical emergency. However, I did ride the 5 km from my house to the start line, so all good!

As for riding on a one-gear bike… hills were tough but it did feel great powering past people struggling on their 8kg 21 speeds! Next year, I will have gears.

Quick reminder: this was part of a fundraiser for an eye research charity. You can still support our efforts here.

You can also read the post describing the ride, charity etc here

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