New paper published – Update on suture techniques in corneal transplantation (systematic review)

A big shout out to Luca Pagano for her systematic review paper on suture techniques in corneal transplantation.

This work was driven by Luca and directed by Vito Romano, with contributions of a group of the front of the eye specialists at St Paul’s eye unit and the Department of Eye and Vision Science. Suturing is an essential surgical skill. A variety of techniques exist for suturing the cornea during different types transplant however, there wasn’t a solid collation and comparison of those techniques. Therefore, we hope that this article will provide value by helping surgeons make. decisions

It’s always nice to be included in these sorts of projects, I learn a lot from interactions with the clinically active people, while providing a little bit of molecular biology to the discussion. Particularly in this case; a lot of our laminin work relates to corneal wound repair and the patients in our work on Pax6 require corneal transplants.

The article is available here in the Journal of Clinical Medicine (open access).

Types of corneal sutures. SIS = single interrupted sutures, CICS = combined interrupted and continuous sutures, Single CRS = single continuous running suture, DCS = double continuous suture.


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