They grow up so fast – PhD Viva Edition

Today was another landmark day for the lab, PhD student Jiraroch Meevassana defended his doctoral thesis at viva voce. Jiraroch came to these studies with a background as a consultant specialising in burn wound treatments. The goal of his PhD was to identify and test new approaches to improve second-degree burn wound repair.

As you can see from his graphical abstract below, the plan was three-fold: decrease genomic stability using 1) B1 siRNA to regulate methylation or 2) using Box A of HMGB1 to reduced double strand breaks, or to stimulate the rate of re-epithelialisation of burn wounds using a fragment of laminin 511.

Jiraroch worked incredibly hard throughout his studies. Each of those work streams represents a load of work and each has been written up as manuscripts. Indeed, these papers have already been accepted and there are a couple more to come.

B1 repetitive sequence methylation enhances second-degree burn wound healing [Biomed Reports 2022]

LM511-E8 treatment of burn wounds [J. Surgical Research and practice 2022]

Alu repetitve sequence CpG methylation changes in burn scars. [Burns 2022]

Jiraroch’s was a joint student between Chulagongkorn and University of Liverpool with time spent in each institution. During his time at Liverpool, he focused on the laminin part (unsurprisingly). Also unsurprisingly, our plans changed about 20 times due to COVID and associated travel restrictions. However, Jiraroch spent a productive 6 months with us in 2021 where we also managed to have some fun times together.

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