New Paper Published – LM511-E8 treatment of burn wounds

Jiraroch Meevassana has been busy… his newest paper “Laminin 511-E8 Fragment Improves Second-Degree Burn Wound Healing in a Rat Model” is now available from the Journal of Surgery Research and Practice (pdf here free) following hard on his recent paper using B1 siRNA to improve wound repair. Like his previous paper, this work was born out of his collaborative PhD between the team at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and my group at University of Liverpool.

This paper describes an idea to improve the repair of burn wounds through supplying a fragment of laminin 511. It is an early study asking whether we can exploit the awesomeness of laminins to improve the rate that burn wounds heal… and the short answer is yes. Literally squirting just on a little part of one specific laminin led to faster and better wound repair.

The new treatment improved not only the rate at which the burns healed but also the appearance and quality of the repaired tissue.

Jiraroch is now taking this work forward. He is the lab in Liverpool just now doing some follow up work and will also be working on how to translate these small scale animal studies into treatments that could work for human patients.


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