Danger Llama Poker

Of course, the Danger Llama deck could be used to bring some llama-joy to other card games. Whereas a normal deck of cards has 4×13 cards, the llama deck of 9×6 throws up some additional possibilities and wrinkles, changing the dynamics of popular games.

Changing the ratios of the different cards available in a poker deck lessens the advantage experienced players have over newbies, making it more enjoyable for a mixed crowd. Hold-’em and stud both work, all you need is to define the relative value and card order. Llamas are, of course, the best.

[Green – Profs] < [Yellow] < [Orange] < [Blue] < [Safety Steve] < [Blot Lord] < [Camel] < [Alpaca] < [Llama]

Two additional scoring hands are added to replace flush. Straights can work as usual, but I recommend leaving out.

  • Lab Team – Must include one Prof and the other 4 cards are made up from the yellow, orange, and/or blue groups.(break ties with blue > orange > yellow.
  • Menagerie – All 5 cards must be camels, llamas or alpacas. Must contain at least one of each group (break ties by proportion of llama > alpaca > camel)

Changing the card frequency changes the scoring order to:

  1. High card
  2. Pair
  3. Two Pairs
  4. Three-of-a-kind
  5. Straight (if included)
  6. Full House (Pair + 3 of a kind)
  7. Four of a kind
  8. Lab Team
  9. Menagerie
  10. Five of a kind

Link back to Danger llama base game


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