Chase the Llama + Llama Rummy

An easy game based on chase the ace or scabby queen, but exploiting the differences of the Danger Llama deck. This works really well as a decision maker (e.g. who buys the next round). Playable with any number but probably best with 4-8.

Remove 1 llama card from the deck.

Deal all the remaining cards to the players.

If players hold any pairs, they can immediately discard them. Use the green/yellow/blue/orange backs of the character cards to make pairs.

Thereafter, play proceeds with players taking a card at random from their neighbour, and discarding pairs as they are formed. Once a player has no cards left, they are “safe”.

The loser is the last player to clear their hand, they will be left with a dangerous llama.

Llama Rummy

Whereas Chase the Llama is purely a luck game, Llama Rummy provides some agency to the players. Simple variation of the classic game of Rummy.

Each player gets dealt 7 cards

At the start of each turn, a player draws 1 card either from the deck or from the discard pile. Players then attempt to play (meld) all 7 of their cards by making a set of 3 and a set of 4, or a 7-card set.

  • 3 card sets must have all of the same coloured backs (eg three green professor cards) OR a “menagerie” comprised of 1 camel, 1 alpaca and 1 llama.
  • 4 card sets can be 4 of the same coloured backs OR a “lab group” of 1 Prof, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 blue.
  • 7 cards sets contain any 7 different cards

The first player to meld all 7 of their cards wins the round and gains +10 points. The non-winners (aka losers) score negative points based on the cards that they still hold:

  • For each Blot Lord and Safety Steve card scores -1
  • For each Prof or lab group member (green, yellow, orange, blue) score -2
  • For each Llama, Alpaca or Camel score -3

Link back to Danger Llamas base game


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