Danger Llama Super Snap

Looking for a light-hearted / silly party game? Danger llama super snap (DLSS) is really quick to learn, fun and funny variant of the classic game “shop”. DLSS as a game gets better and better the more players you have. 4 is probably the minimum 8+ is great, 12 is the good kind of nonsense!

In each round, deal one card face down to each participant. At an appropriate signal (“Go”), everyone turns their card over and places it face-up on the playing surface. Play fast and furious!

If your card matches anyone else around the table, then you must immediately make the appropriate noise for the pairing Of course, there might be more than two of your card, in which case you are in a race against up to 5 other people. Also, the more players present, the more different pairings will occur each round. Multiple races will be happening concomitantly.

Scoring – Winner of each snap gains 1 point, all the losers of that pair score -1. There could be multiple +1s and -1s in each round. Saying the wrong word or saying your card name when there isn’t a pair present score -2. Delaying turning over their own card -3 (cheaters shouldn’t be rewarded!)

To decide an overall winner, either pre-decide a winning score, “first to 3”, or decide on the number of rounds to be played.


This is where the silliness can really ratchet up…

Option 1 (simple, least fun, boo!) – Say the name on the card “llama”, “alpaca” etc. Suggestion: try a few rounds of this first to get players into the way of things.

Option 2 (better) use the following:

  • Llama – “A-wooga!”
  • Alpaca – “Boing!”
  • Camel – “ZipZip!”
  • Blot Lord – “Father!”
  • Safety Steve – “Steeeee!”

Option 3 (better still), make up your own… e.g. animal noises

DLSS Super Advanced Wrinkle

You’re not ready for this, you should probably ignore it. In DLSSSAW, if you match a colour* with another player, then you must say the name of the card in front of that player. If you match with more than one, it is the first to say all the matches that wins the hand. It’s harder than it sounds.

*for example, all the Profs have a green background, current lab members have yellow backs.

Take this one step forward and your head will explode. However, rather than saying the name on the card, you can assign catchphrases to each individual. Honestly, this is too far and if you manage it at all I will be nothing but impressed. Video evidence required!

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