Life in the Lab – Chpt 6 released

Version 0.6 release

Today I have uploaded the next edition of Life in the Lab, the Essential Guide to Becoming a Researcher. This update adds Chapter 6 which is all about science writing skills. I’ve also corrected some formatting issues and corrected some small typos that made it through into the previous edition. If you have already purchased the book, the update is available to download now for no additional cost.

Coupon Code

If you are new to this project you can pick up a discount $5 version using this coupon code link, valid until August 3rd. Buying now gives you access not only to the current edition but also to every future release. The full book in on course for a September release. [the current version has 206 of a planned 320-330 pages]

Read the page about the book here or previous blog posts about the book here and here.

New to this edition

Chapter 6: Writing
  • 6.1 Before you begin writing: Key concepts and general advice about the writing process.
  • 6.2 Microsoft Word Tips: Some useful tools and other tips for working with your manuscripts within MS Word.
  • 6.3 Notes on scientific publishing: An overview of the steps required to get your work published.
  • 6.4 Literature reviews and review articles: How to summarise your field in a way that is useful to the reader.
  • 6.5 Writing for the general public: Tips on how to make complicated science stories accessible to the general public in lay abstracts, blog posts and press releases.

Coming soon … Chapter 7 Writing papers

A chapter focused on each of the individual sub-sections that make up a standard scientific journal article.

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