Life in the Lab – Chpt 5 release

Version 0.5 release

Now including Graphs, Tables and Figure preparation

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and given feedback on v0.4 of “life in the lab”. The comments have been helpful and encouraging so v0.5 is being released today. You can download the extended version now via this link: Life in the lab.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at conference and with student graduations, but I have finished off chapter 5 and added it to the doc. The book is now a little over 50% complete.

Other updates in this version include tidying up typographical errors (including a whole section where a cat must have stepped on the keyboard), some tightening up of some of the statistical definitions and a couple of added sections to the ethics portion.

If you have already downloaded the book, you should only need to return to the site and download the updated version without having to pay anything.

Chapter 5 – Contents

  • 5.1 Figure Preparation: General information on how to prepare data figures for publication. Including rules for sizing and standardisation.
  • 5.2 Tables: When to use a table and when a graph, and how to format tables so that they are ready to publish.
  • 5.3 Graphs: Help in selecting the most appropriate type of graph for your data, and how to prepare them for publication.
  • 5.4 Figure legends: What should and should not go in your figure legends or captions.

The info-graphic below will ultimately end up in the reference section of the book, but I thought it would be appreciated now as it accompanies the contents of this chapter.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Choosing-a-graph.jpg

Not bought the book yet?

No worries. It’s still set at the pre-publication price of $5 (+VAT) just now. Get it cheap now before the price goes up. Life in the lab


Missed the original post about the preprint? Read it here, or check out the contents page below or try some sample content here:

Chapter 6

Coming soon… watch this space (join the mailing list or follow the blog to never miss an update). I have some manuscripts and grants to write for August deadlines but I am aiming for the entire book to be released by September.

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