Achievement unlocked – 1/2 marathon completed

Yesterday was the Liverpool half marathon and our Government’s laissez faire approach to the Covid-19 public health emergency meant that it, surprisingly, was able to go ahead.

I’m really glad it did. In the lat few months, I’ve gone from not running at all, to running a bit and hating it, to running a decent distance and actually quite enjoying it, to being almost ready. The almost being that last week’s 17km was the longest run I’ve done. Sunday was going to be a test.

The race went really well. Beautiful route around the parks of South Liverpool then home along the river. Weather was great except for the wind. Those last few miles when I was exhausted, running into the wind and convincing my body to go further than any previous distance were tough (as you can tell by the splits). But I managed to keep going and the finish line eventually arrived.

2h 5 mins official time. A PB (of course), and also a PB for 10 mile and 15k.

A massive thank you to everyone who sponsored my efforts (the page is still open here:

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