Ich habe Schwein gehabt! Going to Freiburg

Conro on his travels - 3 month student placement in Freiburg to work with Alex Nystrom

New student sale – Life in the lab for $5

Back to school special! The one book every new PhD / Masters student should read. Available now for just $5 https://leanpub.com/lifeinthelab/c/NEWSTUDENT2020

Teaching lab practicals in COVID conditions: 6 tips from my first classes

This week I taught four practical classes in COVID-secure conditions. Here are some tips from what I have learned.

You can see a lot by looking – fluorescence microscopy to brighten your day

Back in the lab post COVID and Dr Lee Troughton has been on the confocal microscope grabbing some cool pics of corneal epithelial keratinocytes assembling cell to matrix adhesions. Most of these images are of hemidesomosome proteins (integrin b4, collagen XVII, BPAG1e) or laminin 332. Hemidesmosomes are the points of attachment for where sheets of... Continue Reading →

Valuing mystery

We have a mystery. For years forks have gone missing from our communal kitchen. Not one or two occasionally being taken home then reappearing a few weeks later. Nope. I bought 50 really cheap forks a couple of years ago and as of this week they have all gone. Putting our best minds on the... Continue Reading →


Check out my interview on the Academy "Developing Practice" podcast

They grow up so fast, especially during lockdown – undergraduate project students

They grow up so fast, especially during lockdown - undergraduate project students

Ending lockdown?

Over the last few months with lab shutdown and the team all stuck at home, it didn't feel appropriate to keep going with our daily cartoons. Well that and there really wasn't all that much going on to provide inspiration. Well, we're back. Well, sort of. Our research lab partially opened last week with social... Continue Reading →

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