They grow up so fast – ASMB Nashville

Lee presenting LaNt research at ASMB basement membrane meeting, #Nashville

They grow up so fast – Conro and Liam’s 1st year PhD talks

Another milestone was reached this week for Liam and Conro as they entered the second year of their PhDs. The transition of a prospective PhD student into year 2 is marked by an talk to the whole institute as part of their rite of passage.¬†It's quite a stressful time, the first real opportunity to show... Continue Reading →

You can see a lot by looking – TIRF

Time for a new series. "You can see a lot by looking" basicaly cool images from our research + a little explanation. Microscopy in its various forms has always been one of my favourite things to do, especially when trying out new modalities that open up opportunities to ask new/deeper questions, so I figured we might... Continue Reading →

Valentina en route to viva!!!

Hello readers! It's Valentina here, the first PhD student to have joined the Hamill's lab. I am writing my first article on a very special day...on my way to Dundee to defend my thesis! It's been a really cool adventure, full of incredible discoveries.  When I have started, the only available data on LaNts were... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – MRes Spring 2017

April time again and the end of another block of MRes¬†Clinical Sciences projects. This time the Hamill lab hosted three students; Kareem Hassanin, Conro Conro Sugden and Tobi Oyewole. Today the boys had their presentations/poster session. First up; Conro told his story of developing our new minigene construct to investigate LaNt regulation and testing a... Continue Reading →

The wall of LaNt research

Just back from another conference and Lee has added his recent poster to our growing collection. A quick rearrange and we have the wall of LaNt research! Yes, we have gone too far, taking over a bunch of the poster boards on our floor but it is so cool seeing the work from the various... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast…. PhD thesis submission edition!

Today the pride levels are extra high. Valentina Iorio submitted her PhD thesis!!! Valentina was the first person to join my lab. I interviewed her whilst still in Chicago and was super impressed with not only her academic ability but also her bubbly personality. I have never looked back.  It's been an amazing three and... Continue Reading →

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