They grow up so fast – ASMB Nashville

This week Lee and I are in Nashville for the biannual American Society of Matrix Biology Basement Membrane workshop. Cue the obligatory blog post about the team presenting their work…

As a lab, we go to a variety of different meetings. Some focus on a tissue (eye or skin), others on cancers , and others still broadly focused on cell or matrix biology. In each of these we learn lots of stuff but there isn’t really too much that is directly relevant to our work. In contrast, the meeting we are at just now brings together people all over the world that work on basement membranes. Every single talk has something that has implications for how we think about our questions. The presenters are the people who’s work we have read, and the people we want to collaborate with. It’s genuinely awesome, the highlight of the year.

For relatively junior researchers like Lee, presenting his work to all the experts in the field can be intimidating, but the potential to get insight into his work has been invaluable. As it is a residential meeting with all meals together we’ve also had a great chance to really get to know everyone in our field. Literally 7.30 am breakfast to midnight chat about basement membranes, laminins and collagens. What’s not to love?

Pretty impressive halls of residence

Oh yeah, Nashville. Music city. Wow. Fun town and another reason to love this meeting!

If only they could sort out a way to turn down the heat.


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