Seasonally Affected?

The end is in sight for LeeBurt and it's about time. We're getting worried that he might really be a vampire. Halloween

Multidisciplinary troubles

Multidisciplinary phds are great but they bring some extra challenges

Science phrases grammar quiz… is your grammar up to it?

How well did you learn your grammar? This quiz will put you to the test...

Life in the Laminin Lab #6 – Intros

Like to see more of our new cartoon series? #5 seems like a good place to start! Don't be like JohnJohn, read our guide to writing the introduction sections to manuscripts / project reports / lab reports etc   here Or other parts of your project here

Life in the Laminin Lab #5 – Examples

  Check back on Monday for #6 #4 available here (and links to the rest) or Meet the characters Or, if you are feeling really keen, read about how Kevin actually did bring in the Mongol invasion of India in his PhD thesis and viva; here.

Life in the Laminin Lab #3 – Constructive Criticism

Thanos' feedback could be improved...

New content; Results writing guide

Added content to the writing guides section: How to guide for writing results sections for scientific reports / manuscripts / PhD thesis chapters

They grow up so fast…. PhD thesis submission edition!

Today the pride levels are extra high. Valentina Iorio submitted her PhD thesis!!! Valentina was the first person to join my lab. I interviewed her whilst still in Chicago and was super impressed with not only her academic ability but also her bubbly personality. I have never looked back.  It's been an amazing three and... Continue Reading →

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