God’s molecule

Laminins are known as "God's molecule". In most textbook images they are drawn as cross-shaped with three short arms and one long arm due to their appearance in rotary shadowing electron micrographs (see below). Laminins get billed as the glue that holds the body together and that, coupled to a verse in Colossians 1:15-17, and... Continue Reading →

New Interviewing Techniques

Continuing our cartoons about PhD interviews... Don't worry, not all students have to do arts and crafts during their selection! Wondering what a basement membrane is? Conro wrote a simple intro here Wondering if this is even vaguely real... see videos below! (Also, watch out for the separate post coming soon with the fully assembled... Continue Reading →

Chopping up eyes and saving lives: Science Week in Sedgefield!

Last week was National Science week and schools around the country were doing things a little differently. Showing kids the “cool” side of science and what potential careers a degree in science can lead to. My mate/father of my Goddaughter/the groom to my "best man wedding service", Mr Ridgeway asked me back in October if I... Continue Reading →

Laminin Research Highlights – Developments in Laminin Therapies

This is the first of a new series of posts where we highlight recent developments in laminin research. In the first few months of 2018 there have been a little flurry of papers showing new or improved potential for therapies for inherited diseases where the mutation affects laminin function. So I thought I would group them... Continue Reading →

Interviewing techniques

'Tis the season of the PhD interview. Longer cartoon as Conro asked for his experience to be immortalised in cartoon form. This is part 1... the story will continue. More cartoons? Follow the link below/in the menu

New Content added – Basement Membranes – a very friendly intro!

Basement membranes hold your tissue together. This page will introduce these key structural features in an easy way.

Multidisciplinary troubles

Multidisciplinary phds are great but they bring some extra challenges

Big news

Life in the laminin lab....big news! A quick cartoon to a) show the best way to deliver news...in a way that the recipient appreciates and b) pass on congratulations to Becky and Kyle. Yes, this is a fair reflection of real life! Miss any of our other cartoons? Links available in the menu or jump... Continue Reading →

Science phrases grammar quiz… is your grammar up to it?

How well did you learn your grammar? This quiz will put you to the test...

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